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Wealth Enhancement Services

Making Smart Financial Decisions Today Will Create a Better Future for Your Family.

Investment Philosophy

The HCM portfolio planning and implementation process results in a customized portfolio to support your family’s wealth plan.  First, your portfolio’s overall risk exposure will be based on both your unique risk tolerance and capacity to determine the appropriate allocation of growth, income, and defensive assets.  Next, HCM’s investment team will work with your advisors to determine the appropriate investment vehicles to achieve your planning goals.  Implementation is accomplished with a globally diversified portfolio of tax-efficient, low expense securities.  For high net worth individuals we incorporate the HCM Dividend Growth Portfolio™ into your asset mix.  As part of this process, we position assets in the appropriate tax environments (taxable, tax deferred, and tax free).  This process increases the tax efficiency of your overall portfolio, and therefore, your expected after-tax return.  This is important because its not what you make, but what you keep (after taxes) that counts!        

HCM’s investment process manages risk through customized asset allocation and opportunistic responses to the constantly changing investment landscape.

For clients taking distributions from portfolios, we mitigate withdrawal risk through The HCM Income Safety Net System™. 

Financial Planning

Our goal in the financial planning process is to help you achieve your desired standard of living and level of financial independence. The HCM Wealth Enhancement process helps you identify your long-term objectives and then works with you to get on the most direct path to the successful accomplishment of your goals.

Retirement Planning


HCM Wealth Advisors has developed several specialized tools to help our clients plan for a financially successful retirement. This process in outlined in detail in our HCM Retirement Roadmap™.

Tax Planning

You and your Advisor work with the HCM Wealth Enhancement Team to structure an overall tax strategy that includes asset placement, gain and loss harvesting, bracket management and deduction bunching to help make sure you are benefiting from efficient after-tax returns. Your tax returns are reviewed to identify potential savings or restructuring opportunities, giving you proactive ideas to save money in the future.

Estate Planning

Everyone leaves a legacy.  What will yours be?  Our planning team will work with your estate attorney, or we will recommend one, to be certain that you have a comprehensive understanding how your life’s work will be supervised and distributed under your current plan and existing law. If appropriate, we will work with you to modify your estate plan to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Risk Management


You've worked hard to put yourself on the road to financial independence. Naturally, you want to take reasonable steps to protect your income and assets from unforeseen events. Our planning process helps you review your assets and income so they are properly titled, aligned, and insured in a way that meets your risk tolerance objectives.

Assistance for Loved Ones

In addition to your Personal Wealth Plan, HCM Wealth Advisors helps you enrich the lives of those who are important to you, including college and education planning for your children and grandchildren, as well as taking care of your own aging parents.  We also help clients support charitable organizations in the most tax efficient and effective ways available.   

The Wealth Plan Monitoring System

Once your Wealth Plan has been completed to your satisfaction, we review and update each of your plan's components on a regular basis to make sure it remains current as you move through life.


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