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January is Financial Wellness Month

January is Financial Wellness Month. To help you define financial wellness for yourself, we’ve asked some of our Wealth Advisors what financial wellness is to them.

 Mike Hengehold, CPA/PFS, MST, RICP®

“Financial wellness is the peace that is achieved when we know there will always be sufficient income to meet our needs, regardless of what the market does, and that we will have resources to take care of our special interests later.”

Greg Middendorf , CFP®, CCPS®

“It is when you are comfortable with where you stand financially today and where you are heading. You have peace of mind by having a financial plan in place and understanding how to track progress toward your goals over time"

Jim Eutsler,  CMA, CFP®, ChFC®

“Striking a healthy balance of funding retirement while enjoying life in the present. While I appreciate retirement planning, creating memories now through vacations to places like Universal Studios, baseball parks across the country, and Caribbean cruises give my family something to look forward to each year"

Steve Hengehold, CFP®, RICP®

“The financial ability to support the people and causes you care about. For my wife Katie and I, that means being able to invest regularly into our retirement accounts to benefit our “future selves”, and contribute to 529s to benefit our young son, Patrick. It also means that we can spend money on experiences together, like traveling around the country, and we can contribute financially to causes we believe in.” 

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