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Celebrating the End of a Successful Tax Season

The Association of International CPAs reports that CPAs work 50-80 hours per week, for weeks on end. Our Tax Team has certainly been putting in extra effort to ensure all our clients receive high-quality work. 

With tax season ending Monday, April 15, our accountants are planning to enjoy some well-deserved R&R. Here are some things they plan to do to unwind after tax season: 

Kaitlyn Evans, CPA 

“After tax season I dive deep into self-care with my 6-month hair appointment, travel plans, family time, and dinners to catch up with friends. I look forward to spring storms and playing sand volleyball every week as it warms up outside." 

Dave Hampton, CPA 

“Usually I try to take some time off to visit my son’s family in Memphis.” 

Ryan Stenken, CPA 

"Tax season requires long hours, which results in time away from my wife, Claire. When tax season is over, I get to spend much needed time with my wife. We enjoy going to local restaurants and attending happy hours. Every year we try to book a weekend getaway for some much-needed relaxation. After this tax season, my wife and I will be traveling to Traverse City, MI.” 

Ryan Medellin, Intern 

“Now that tax season has ended, I am looking forward to taking a long weekend trip to Lido Beach in Sarasota, FL. I am also looking forward to my upcoming MBA graduation in May.” 

Though we may take some time to celebrate a successful tax season, it’s a brief break - tax season never officially ends. We continue to work on tax planning projects and with our clients who filed extensions. Our office is available for ongoing tax questions. 

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