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HCM makes Green Township greener Thumbnail

HCM makes Green Township greener

(Originally published in the Cincinnati Enquirer)

HCM Wealth Advisors, at 6116 Harrison Ave., installed 30 kilowatts of solar power on its roof in June. They are joining the scores of other businesses, including the Cincinnati Zoo, and homes in Hamilton County who are interested in using more sustainable energy resources.

The 88-panel system will help them shrink their carbon footprint and save on electricity. HCM will be avoiding nearly 30 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually and will be able to cut their electric bill by about half. In their first year alone, they’ll save the equivalent of 29,000 pounds of coal or 65,000 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle. That’s enough miles to circle the earth at the equator 2.6 times per year. The emissions saved from the system over its lifetime will be equivalent to the electricity use of 133 homes, or 86,000 gallons of gasoline consumed, or 97,000,000 smart phones charged.

Buying a solar power system like purchasing several decades’ worth of electricity all at once. Because the price of electricity is always going up, this acts as an effective hedge on electricity price increases, yielding positive returns in the future.

“As a Wealth Management firm, we always have one eye on the horizon, looking out for future risks and benefits,” said Mike Hengehold, the Founder and President. “Investing in solar energy is in line with our vision for the future of a sustainable and thriving world. Not only are we working to keep our clients’ future secure, we want to make their children’s and grandchildren’s future secure as well."

If you have any questions about the solar power installation, feel free to reach out to Kevin Hengehold at kevin@hcmwealthadvisors.com.

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